Crystal Releases

version date notes source (.tar.gz) debian (i386) redhat (i386)
0.2.42010-12-08 Lua 5, keybindings here (147kB)
0.2.32010-11-13 compile fixes for modern systems, attribute glitch removed here (128kB)
0.2.22004-09-14 compile fix if zlib not present. here (96kB)
0.2.12003-05-26 A 'neverecho' option which can be set with the new 'set' command, or -n on the command line. SSL support. here (76kB)
0.22003-01-06 Adds lua scripting, multiplex support, restores support for broken LPmud-style prompts. Major internal cleanup. here (72kB) here (67kB) here (RH7.1) (63kB) Added a "match" command (really a sort of search). Fix a couple of crashbugs, and a few other buglets (builds with SuSE 8.1 now). IPv6 support. here (84kB)
0.1.62002-11-09 Fixed crashbug when resizing screen when not connected to a mud. Fix problem with connecting to some broken DikuMUDs, also some LPmuds and one or two others. Support vastly more character attributes (invis, dim, strikethrough, reversed) here (82kB) works on Red Hat 8.0 now. here (58kB)
0.1.52002-10-16 Log command. Various minor tidy ups with respect to prompt handling and echoing. Can accept telnet URLs on command line. Portability fixes. here (57kB)
0.1.42002-10-01 Suspend (z), and close commands. Suspend also can be done with ^Z. Some terminfo support. Knows 39m, 49m. Some ISO-2022 support, recognises ESC%G and ESC%@ to select UTF-8 or Latin1. New charset command to set the charset of the mud, can use anything that iconv knows about. Specfile for building an RPM included. ^W kills word. Various other internal cleanups. You can launch without any parameters and it goes straight into command mode. Oh, and now uses automake/autoconf, which caused the tarball bloat. here (54kB)
0.1.32002-09-21 Support for CSI, bold off, Italics, Fraktur. Know about IAC GA (fixes use of the Hive). Dump command. here (17kB)
0.1.22002-09-17 new features : MCCP (compression) support (not currently supported at server end). Control T support. Fix bug with command-mode history. here (16kB)
0.1.12002-09-04 new features : hardware scrolling for pgup/pgdn, better function key recognition, a "connect" command in command mode, licence clarified here (10kB)
0.12002-08-29 initial release here (9kB)